Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

 These "smart cookies" make a great lunch box treat or after school snack for your favorite students and teachers or goodies for a back to school PARTY!
 They are SUPER simple & the only ingredients you need are graham crackers & white chocolate!

Melt, dip & decorate for a perfect A+! That's it! :)

 I put some on top of cupcakes for an extra special treat! If I use them as cupcake toppers again, I will make them half the size. I had to stack up extra frosting in the back to hold them up. :)

Back To School Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

  • Graham crackers, cut into rectangles to resemble pieces of paper. My graham crackers were square so I just used a knife to cut 1/4 of them off to make a rectangle.
  • White chocolate or vanilla candy coating, like Candiquik
  • Red, blue & black candy melts OR oil based or powdered food colorings to color your white Candiquik those colors
1. Melt white Candiquik in a small bowl & dip trimmed graham crackers in it, coating completely. Place dipped graham crackers on wax or parchment paper to set up. (I always melt my Candiquik and candy melts in the microwave at half power. Watch it closely & stir often as it melts.)

2. Melt blue candy melts & place in a piping bag with a Wilton tip 1 or 2. Or you could use a sandwich bag and just snip a tiny hole in the corner of it. I only had dark blue candy melts so I used mostly white & added a few pieces of blue to make light blue. Pipe lines on the white dipped graham crackers.

3. Melt red candy melts & place in a piping bag with Wilton tip 1 or 2. Pipe the ruled edge on the graham cracker & an A+.

4. Melt black candy melts & place in a piping bag with Wilton tip 1 or 2. Pipe 3 black dots for holes.


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