Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pumpkin shaped bread bowls and witch finger bread sticks party!

Today I made a quick batch of my FRENCH BREAD ROLLS, added some food coloring and came up with some pumpkin shaped bread bowls & witch finger bread sticks. They were delicious served with a caldron of witch's brew (cheesy cream of broccoli soup). My ghosts and goblins were in Halloween heaven!
 The only change in the original recipe is to add food coloring after step number two. I used gel food coloring & mixed red and yellow to make orange. Liquid food coloring would work great too. After step number two, I divided the dough and colored 3/4 of the dough orange and 1/4 of the dough green in separate bowls. Then continue on with the original recipe at step three for kneading, rising, etc.
Shape rolls as desired. The recipe made 4 pumpkin shaped bread bowls and 8 bread sticks. I also baked some dough around a wooden spoon to have vines for the pumpkins. The bread bowls were slightly smaller than my usual bread bowls since I used a lot of the bread dough for the green. The pumpkin stems take very little green dough. For the witch fingers I used sliced almonds for fingernails & brushed a little red food coloring on them for blood.

Bake the bread sticks for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees until slightly browned on the bottom & the bread bowls for about 15-17 minutes. If you make the vine wrapped around the wooden spoon, brush some oil on the wooden dowel before you wrap the dough around it and bake for about 5 minutes. Prop the ends of the spoon onto the edges of the pan so the dough is not touching the pan. After baking and cooling, carefully wrap your hand around the dowel/vines & wiggle until the bread becomes loose, then slide the vine off the stick and break it into spiral pieces. 


  1. the bread sticks looks so good,for sure i'm going to try it....

  2. Hi! Thanks for your visit to my blog. Pecan Tussies are a mini/personal pecan pie with chocolate chips in it. I'm not sure where you are located buy we get them at Kneader's bakery (in Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado and Idaho) during the fall months.


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